Combat Self Defence

Hello, and a warm welcome to my photo & video gallery to all of you from me Shihan Martin Day.
I served for 20 years in the British Army. Some of the subjects I taught as a senior instructor included Close Quarter Combat, Physical Training, Fitness Conditioning and Self Defense (Unarmed Combat, Restraint Techniques and Pressure Points).
I am also a 7th Dan Black Belt in Self Defence and Martial Arts Instructor & a qualified 7th Dan Filipino Kyusho Association Instructor. I am the originator of Combat Self Defence worldwide.

Added to this, I have written three training books and filmed a number of training DVD's which can be downloaded from my website.

My website/blog and photo/video gallery, DVD and book downloads on the Shop page are primarily about SELF DEFENSE, Weapon defence and familiarisation, Martial Arts, Fitness, Bodyweight Conditioning, Flexibility, private and group coaching, Self Defence Classes for children and adults, Women's self defence Courses, Specialised training courses, seminars & Outdoor training courses and private one to one or group training lessons. My training blog articles also include information about self protection, situational awareness, health, diet and exercise.
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